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  • Reach Your Goals
  • Push Your Limits
  • Become a Champion
  • Motivate Others
  • Prove Yourself Wrong
  • Be Someone's Inspiration
  • Work Hard

Our Mission

Samson Elite is a premiere fitness studio geared towards discovering and developing individual potential through education, passion, and experience. With motivation and encouragement in a positive environment, we aim at increasing the quality and longevity of life for our clients by teaching smarter choices and what works for each individual. We view ourselves and our clients as a fitness family and we will be there every step of the way of your fitness journey.


Because I CAN

"Why do you lift?" "Why do you workout?" "Why do you do...anything?..." When people ask you "why do you do __________?..." Samson Elite answers with "Because I CAN." What other reason do you need? Don't be afraid to achieve your fitness or life potential because you are afraid of people questioning your reason.

Welcome to the Chamber